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New Training opportunity for both filmmakers and actors

Ryan O'Harris
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Sent to all actors actors and filmmakers and posted on the forum
I have now opened the trailing scheduling site for additional training for any actor or filmmaker that desires it. This has nothing to do with the weekend training which is mandatory for all filmmakers, and all actors I schedule each week.

Currently the training is available on Tuesday and Thursdays only in two hour sessions starting at 11:00 AM and ending at 8 PM. You can schedule 7 days in advance. Once we start shooting this training will be available Monday Through Friday. All scheduled appointments are given a pending status so you will receive an email confirming your training once I approve it.

Filmmakers this is a great way to expedite your path to selecting the position you want on the next film(s). Actors this will help you create the best possible performance and let writers know how they should write for you. You can select "Training" from the main menu) on the website.