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[Sticky] The requirements for your screenplay

Ryan O'Harris
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1.  Must be written for members of the AFE

2.  Film should run 80-100 minutes

3.   Low budget film - no animatronics, modeling, explosions, locations that we can not get or afford etc.  (This is all approved by the producer.)

4.   Script should be made available on "Final Draft" or Movie Magic Screenwriter

5.  No more than 7 actors (Background actors can be cast but they usually have to be paid $75-$100 a day so producer must approve the cost.

6.  Film should be anticipated to get a G, PG, PG13, or R rating from the MPAA

7.  Pitch your script

8.  Group votes on pitch

9.  Submit your script for a reading

10.  Group reads and votes on script.

11.  Writer may direct his script or group will select a director

12.  Script is put the production queue